Navigating through the throngs of plain old boring and characterless bars, tourist traps and the notorious 2-choice of beer bars is a tricky task for any first time visitor to Split. Specialized bars are, believe it or not, a relatively new phenomenon in Split, a place that, in the past, had 1 prototypical concept of a bar that was copied and pasted infinitely throughout the town. Even the local word for a ‘bar’, kafić, simply translates to English as a ‘coffee place’. Coffees, 2-choice of big brand beers and some industrial hard liquors were essentially the entire menus of all Split’s bars and the only thing setting them apart was their location and name.

The growth of tourism has led to the creation of a new generation of conceptually oriented and specialized bars that do one thing really good, whether that thing is providing your with a great experience of drinking your first morning coffee or having a kick-ass night out.

To help you find a perfect bar for your tastes and to showcase business that do it the right way, we compiled this list of some of the best bars for a night out in Split. We wanted to make the list utterly diverse, combing complete conceptual opposites, as long as they do something that separates them from the rest of the pack.

Before getting down to business, do keep in mind that the bars in the Old Town usually stay open until midnight on the work days, and until 1 or 2 AM on Fridays and Saturdays. These working hours are mostly set by the limitations of the local laws, which means all bars will close around the same time. After that the crowds looking to extend their evenings out usually move to one of the two nightclubs in the vicinity of the Old Town: Central the Club and 305 AD.

But now, lets go through our list of 5 best bars for a night out in Split:

The Daltonist

Located just outside of the grand Silver Gates of Diocletian’s Palace, in the otherwise unassuming Hrvojeva Street, The Daltonists have, over the years, become one of the most popular bars for a night out in town. Unlike most bars in town, The Daltonist have a rather large interior space, a perfect recipe for an amazing atmosphere. At offer are a large selection of craft beers, both draft and bottled, as well as an extensive list of unique artisanal cocktails. The place is very popular in the evening hours throughout the year, so make sure to get there before the evening rush hour.

Fabrique Pub

Nestled on the ground floor of Split’s most prominent nineteenth century residential ‘palace’, on the western tip of the Riva Promenade, Fabrique Pub has for years been a hotspot of Split’s social life. With perhaps one of the largest interiors in the entire town, tastefully decorated in the industrial style, Fabrique is tactful hybrid of a classic bar and a night club. At offer is an extensive list of international beers, a number of signature cocktails and a large selection of gin and tonic options. Unlike the other places on this list, Fabrique also serves food, not only the pub-classics like burgers and barbecue wings, but also some pan-Balkan grill-classics like ćevapi and pljeskavice.

Bar Sistema

Located just around the corner from Split’s premier nightclub, Central the Club, Bar Sistema is a unique little cocktail-oriented bar that stands out in its concept from the rest of the bar scene in town. With one of the most visually remarkable interiors in town, Bar Sistema is one of the crown jewels of Split’s cocktail scene. The place is, however, relatively small, so make sure to head there early in the evening if you want to grab a seat.

Sanctuary Bar

Sanctuary is a cozy, little expat-run bar at the end of Kružićeva Street that has become of the craziest party streets in town. With a playful interior that fuses together the seemingly unimaginable combination of a classic North American log cabin and a Dalmatian stonehouse tavern, Sanctuary Bar is one of the most popular places for a night out. Their drinking menu boasts with 60 different cocktail combinations, a large selection of whiskeys and the ever-changing offer of craft beers on tap. Rubbing shoulders with closely packed strangers is one of the selling points of Sanctuary, so do not go there expecting to grab a seat unless you go there early in the evening.


Founded by Croatian expats from Australia, Charlie’s has, over the years, become the focal point of the backpacking scene in Split. Associated with several nearby hostel(s), Charlie’s consistently draws large crowds of young backpackers in the early twenties. More oriented towards hard drinking, rubbing shoulders and socializing with strangers than most other bars in town, Charlie’s are best suited for younger travelers looking to meet like-minded individuals

Where did you go for your night out in Split? Let us know in the comments!



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