Split Airport is located some 25 kilometers from the center of Split, near Kaštel Štafilić and close to the town of Trogir. The airport has two terminal buildings, an older one constructed in 1979 and a newer one completed in the summer of 2019 which had expanded the airport’s capacity to 5 million passengers per year. Currently all arrivals are served in the new terminal building, while the old one is still used for a part of international departures.

The airport is very well connected to the city of Split, with both airport shuttle buses, public buses, taxis, and taxi boats operating the lines.

Direct Shuttle Bus Line

Shuttle bus line is the official airport mode of transport run by Pleso Prijevoz. The shuttle buses usually run some 30 minutes after each plane’s landing. The day-to-day schedule can be checked here . A one-way ticket for the shuttle bus costs 45 HRK (previously priced 35 HRK), which can be bought online here. The shuttle buses go directly from the airport to the Main Bus Station of Split. Their journey to the Old Town takes around 30 minutes, unless they encounter traffic jams. Because of the pricing factor as well as the speed of journey, shuttle buses are perhaps the optimal mode of transport for those not minding to ride the bus. They are of particular interests to those staying at an accommodation near or in the Old Town which are all within the walking distance from the terminus at the Main Bus Station. If you are going the other way around, from the Bus Station to the airport, you can find the daily shuttle bus schedule here.

Taxis and ridesharing

Like elsewhere in the town of Split, finding a taxi to take you to or from the airport should be easy enough. Most taxi and ridesharing companies offer fixed pricing for the rides to and from the airport. However, like in most places in the world, the taxi drivers you can get on the spot that operate on the said route, are known to overcharge the unsuspecting customers, particularly tourists. This is usually done so that they either bypass their respective company’s official pricelist or, if they are independent drivers, to charge an exorbitant amount of cash for the ride. A good way to avoid overcharging is to find rides by downloading some of the companies official apps that make sure you pay a valid price (for example, Uber, Bolt, or Cameo). Alternatively, you can always try your chances with a taxi driver on the spot, but always make sure you verbally confirm the price with the driver before committing to the trip.

Before you take your chances with local taxi drivers, make sure to carefully read our extensive guide on taxis in Split. Most taxi companies in town will charge you between 174-230 HRK for a single trip between the airport and a point of drop off somewhere in Split. Some of them, like Cammeo, still have a fixed rate for airport transfers, while the ridesharing companies like Uber and Bolt have switched over to demand-related model, which means their prices might jump up in peak hours.

The one major exception in the taxi scene is ‘Radiotaxi Split’ who will charge you 280 HRK for a single trip and they are, unfortunately, the ‘original’ taxi company in town and hold a big share in the local market.

Public Transport

Public buses from the city of Split also connect the town with the airport. Currently Promet Split’s lines number 37 (Split – Trogir) and number 38 (Split – Kaštel Stari – Split Airport) connect the town with the airport. Both of the lines depart and terminate not from the Main Bus Station of Split, but rather from Sukoišanska Bus Station, which is a kilometer to the north of the Old Town. So if you are thinking of going directly to the Ferry Port, we advise that you skip this option.

The public bus ticket to and from the airport costs 17 HRK, as the airport is located within the 3rd zone of local travel. This makes the public transport the cheapest option, though it is not without its setbacks.

The line number 37 stops at every stop between Split and the airport, so that the journey takes quite longer than any other form of transport. However, if you are arriving to the airport and heading to Trogir, this bus line is quite convenient and time-efficient. If all that is not enough to discourage you from taking this bus, you can find the timetable here.

The line number 38 is direct, though not as frequent as the shuttle bus. You can find the timetable here.

Taxi Boat

In 2019, a taxi boat ran on the line between Split Airport, Split, Bol on the island of Brač and Stari Grad on the island of Hvar. Due to COVID-19 the line was halted and did not run in 2020. As of yet, it remains uncertain whether the line will be restarted in the summer of 2021.



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