Bus tickets for the public transit within the town of Split and the surrounding metropolitan area can be purchased either in person at the dedicated ticket booths located by the major bus stations around the Old Town (stations Pazar, Prima and Općina), ticket machines at some of the bus stations, most newstands (Tisak and Slobodna Dalmacija) scattered around the city, from the bus driver and through the official mobile app of Promet Split. If you plan on buying your ticket from the driver, make sure you are paying with smaller banknotes or exact change, as the drives are known to make a fuss when presented with a larger banknote.

Tickets bought outside of the bus, that is, at the aforementioned ticket booths, ticket machines, mobile app and newstands (valid for the entire area of Split’s municipality) are significantly cheaper than those bought from the bus driver (see the prices in the table bellow). 

Even if you have a pre-bought bus ticket, when entering a bus you should use the first door of the bus, unless it is really overcrowded, and you should show your ticket to the driver and stamp it at a machine behind the driver’s booth.

When buying a ticket you should be aware that they have a limited time of use depending on the time you first entered the bus and stamped it/bought it from the driver. The first zone ticket is valid for 60 minutes, the second zone one from 75 minutes, the third zone 90 minutes and the fourth zone 105 minutes, the fifth zone 120 minutes and the sixth zone 135 minutes. However, you are free to change as many buses in the same direction you possibly can within the allotted time frame. Click here to see our guide on which bus lines to look out for. The first zone ticket will be enough to get you anywhere within the boundaries of the municipality of Split, which should be enough for most traveler’s needs. The second zone ticket is valid for trips to Solin and Podstrana. Third zone ticket is valid for trips to most of Kaštela, including Split Airport, and, finally, the fourth zone ticket is valid for trips to Trogir and Omiš. 

If you intend to use the buses frequently, you might consider buying the daily ticket (4€), the three-day ticket (10€) or the seven-day ticket (20€).

Attempting to ride the bus without a ticket can lead to the driver barring you from entering the bus as they often check-up on passenger tickets when entering the bus through the first door, or, if you are caught riding without a valid ticket by the ticket inspector you can get fined on the spot.

  1st zone 2nd  zone 3rd zone 4th zone Children, ages 6-10 (all zones) Children under 6
One-way ticket 1,00 1,25 1,50 2,00 0,50 free
One-way ticket purchased from the driver 2,00 2,50 3,00 4,00 1,00
One-day ticket 4,00 8,00 8,00 8,00
Three-day ticket 10,00 20,00 20,00 20,00  
Seven-day ticket 20,00 40,00 40,00 40,00  
Monthly pass 35,00 45,00 60,00 70,00  

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