Stories of Diocletian at Peristyle Square (Aug 31- Sep 2, 2023)

The event “Stories of Diocletian” presents an exceptionally rich program of events based on the history, culture, and legacy of Emperor Diocletian and his palace in Split. Through a series of interactive and educational programs, visitors have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of ancient Rome and experience it in an authentic way.

The event concept is rooted in connecting the past with the present, recreating significant moments from Diocletian’s life and reign. The grand opening, featuring the presence of Emperor Diocletian in the reconstructed Peristyle Square, allows visitors to engage with the history and culture of that era. Interactive tours with Emperor Diocletian, the chance to become Diocletian’s wife for a day, or even to choose a new emperor further bring visitors closer to the time and the sense of power that the Roman Empire held.

The event program encompasses various aspects of Diocletian rule, such as military life, the historical division of power known as the tetrarchy, and the importance of preserving cultural heritage. Engaging visitors through interactive educational programs like “Sapere aude” aims to deepen the understanding of Diocletian’s Palace’s role in Split’s development, encouraging visitors to contemplate why they chose this city as a holiday destination.

“Stories of Diocletian” offer an outstanding way for visitors to explore ancient history, experience the spirit of the Roman era, and better comprehend the legacy left behind by Emperor Diocletian, thereby enriching the cultural experience of all attendees.

See the full program HERE.



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