Split and Most of Dalmatia Lost Power Today

Nearly all of Dalmatia, including Split, lost power earlier today at around 12:25 PM. The wide-scale blackout was also recorded in parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Albania. Power began to return around 1:30 PM, first in Croatia and then in other countries.

According to the officials, the blackout was caused by the transmission line failure in the area between Greece and Albania which disrupted the flow of electricity and caused a domino effect on the power-grids of the affected countries.

Severe traffic jams were recorded in Split as traffic lights stopped working, while the fire department was busy with rescuing people trapped in elevators.

The power outage came at a time the city is experiencing extreme weather, with record temperatures clocking in as high as 38.5 degrees Celsius.

Many smaller business were affected by the sudden outage, as reported by Slobodna Dalmacija. With ice cream shops like Gelateria Emiliana having most of their goods melted.  




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