Looking for Vegetarian/Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Split? Well, look no further!

Vegan and vegetarian diet may not be a diet of choice for many Croatians. Independent polls have estimated that less than 4 percent of local population is adhering to vegetarian or vegan diets. In the years past, asking for vegan or vegetarian options at Dalmatian restaurants would have almost surely resulted with the waiter offering you the solitary offer of manistra na pome, that is, pasta with the marinara sauce. In recent years, the situation has, thankfully, been changed for the better, and nowadays, not only will you be able to find at least a couple of vegetarian and some vegan options at almost all restaurants, there has also been an increase, however incremental, of specialized exclusively vegetarian and vegan eateries.

Where to Eat

It is widely known that out of all the non-meat eaters, pescatarians surely have it the easiest in Split, as fish options are almost universally present at all local restaurants around the Old Town and with there being quite a number of restaurants, usually marketed as konobe (taverns), that specialize primarily in seafood. Pescatarians lurking the confines of this post will want to check out our curated list of seafood restaurants.

Vegetarians and vegans, however, will have less options at hand. Though most modern restaurants in Split now have vegetarian options at hand, there is just a handful of restaurants that are serving exclusively or primarily vegetarian and/or vegan food. So browse our list bellow and click on the image or the name of the restaurant to find out more about their location, working hours, menu and more!

100% Vegan and Vegetarian Eateries

Pandora Greenbox

Pandora Greenbox is a rare vege-exclusive gem in the Old Town. Its spectacular forest-themed interior stands out from the rest of the restaurant scene and is surely a very creative breath of fresh air. Their exclusively plant-based menu, with items named after famous women, makes Pandora particularly appealing to vegetarians and vegans alike, though its wide-range of quirky veggie-based dishes promises to satisfy the taste buds of even the more ambitious and open-minded meat-eaters. With options ranging from veggie burgers to stews, pastas and risottos, Pandora Greenbox should be on the to-do list of every veggie-loving traveler to Split.

MakaMaka Acai & Poke Bar

MakaMaka is a casual Hawaiian restaurant specializing in just two items, the millennial favorites, acai and poke bowls. For the uninitiated, the Hawaiian word poke means ‘to cut or to slice’, referring to the pieces of marinated fish, usually tuna, which is tossed together with rice and vegetables and sauces to make a delicious vegetarian-friendly meal. At offer are also various smoothies and the Japanese matcha tea. As a rare exclusively vegetarian place in Split, MakaMaka is a place to visit, particularly for fans of Asian cuisine who haven’t had an opportunity to try Hawaiian style food.

Veg Plant Based Food

Veg is a vegetarian eatery nestled behind the Croatian National Theater building. At offer are a variety of diverse vegetarian dishes, inspired by cuisines from all around the world, and some vegan options too. Unlike most street food places in Split, Veg has a varied offer that includes breakfasts, soups, wraps, mains and cakes–all made following their concept of fresh and healthy plant-based food.

Vege Street Food

Vege is a tiny vegan eatery near the busy Pazar Green Market. They serve a variety of vegan staples prepared in the form of a pastas, rice, burgers, wraps or salads. Since vegan options are often overpriced in regular restaurants in the city center, Vege is a good place to save a couple of bucks when grabbing your veggie meal of the day.

Primarily Vegan/Vegetarian Eateries Which Serve Meat As Well

Kat’s Kitchen Deli

Located a bit away from the beaten touristic pathways, Kat’s Kitchen Deli have been one of the leaders of the organic food trend in Split. Relying on exclusively organic seasonal ingredients, many of which come sourced from the owner’s own organic garden, Kat’s Kitchen promises a bowlful of raw, steamed and grilled vegetable goodies with no additives except plenty of spices. Though plant-based options take the bulk of the menu, meat alternatives are also readily available.

Daddy Cool

Daddy Cool is a vegan-friendly street food place serving delicious Near Eastern staples like hummus, falafel and sabich, an otherwise absolute novelty in the culinary scene of Split. Apart from the classic chickpea falafel they also offer meat-based falafels made out of fresh chicken, beef or shrimp, which can be ordered in the form of salad, hummus bowl or inside the pita bread.


P.S. Honorable mention goes to Martha’s Veggie Fusion, a local favorite for many veggie-eaters, that has unfortunately closed down its Old Town location during the coronavirus crisis of 2020, though they have since kept their business going by switching over  to the delivery-only model of conducting business.



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