Travel from Split to Hvar

Fabled for its mixture of the patented laid-back atmosphere of the Dalmatian island together with the cosmopolitan sensibilities brought in by crowds of visitors hailing from all four corners of the world, the town of Hvar is one of the most popular summer destinations in Croatia. Best known for its luxurious summer resorts, lush Mediterranean nature and vibrant nightlife, Hvar also boasts incredible cultural heritage, including a magnificent hilltop fortress overlooking the town, thirteenth century walls, mazy medieval Old Town as well as the largest and most picturesque public square in whole of Dalmatia.

Being an island town, Hvar is accessible only by boat, as the island has neither bridges nor airports connecting it to the mainland. Nonetheless, travelling to Hvar is hardly a hindrance, as fast-ferries departing from the port of Split sail towards the island town almost every 30 minutes during the sailing season which usually lasts from the beginning of April up to the later parts of October.

Currently, two local operators – Jadrolinija and Krilo: Kapetan Luka – operate the fast-ferry lines (these being locally known as catamaran lines) connecting Split to the town of Hvar. Almost all fast-ferry lines between Split and Hvar are direct, although there are a few exceptions (see the table below). The direct trip from Split to Hvar lasts about one hour and tickets can be purchased online or directly at one of the boots in the port of Split. As of June 13, 2021, a regular ticket for a Jadrolinija fast-ferry to Hvar costs 110 HRK, while Krilo: Kapetan Luka charges 100 HRK. However, some of the lines are subsidized by the state, most notably departures from Split at 15:00 (Jadrolinija) and at 17:00 (Krilo) which are priced 55 HRK during the summer months. For a more extensive look at the lines and pricing, please consult the table below.

Travelers with cars should be aware that fast-ferry lines between Split and Hvar only carry passengers, so those wishing to take their vehicles to the island must board the regular ferry line connecting Split with another town on the island – Stari Grad. The trip from Split to the ferry port of Stari Grad lasts about two hours and once disembarked, it takes another 25 minute drive to the town of Hvar. Alternatively, passengers with cars might consider a more time-consuming option of driving down to Drvenik and taking a short ferry trip to Sućuraj, from where they can then drive across the entire island in order to reach Hvar. But that option might be better for those coming from the direction of Dubrovnik.

Make sure to always double-check the time slots with the official websites of the selected operators as they are subject to change at the discretion of the respective companies.



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