Taxis in Split are very widespread, particularly during the summer months, and you should have no trouble finding one a few minutes away even during night hours. Taxis in Split have no particular color, although in recent years some of the companies have attempted to brand their vehicles a certain way. Most traditional taxis can be found waiting at designated taxi stops located next to the Main Bus Station, near Riva, at Prima Grad, next to Prokurative and at the airport. Taxis from ridesharing companies like Uber and Bolt as well as some of the locally-run  app-based companies can also be reached on the move, at your desired pick up location.

Prices in Split are more or less consistent, ranging from as low as 5,00 HRK up to 10,00 HRK per kilometre. This is often not the case in the smaller coastal towns and especially on islands where lack of competition and regulatory control drives the prices up. Taxi-related scams are not uncommon on the popular and lucrative route to and from the airport. Since Split Airport is located about 25 kilometres from the city center, and as such it is not even located within the administrative municipality of Split, many dishonest taxi drives use the ride as an opportunity to make extra money, going around their respective company’s rates to artificially increase the price of the ride. Since most of the taxi companies have fixed prices for the airport transfer, it is best to make sure you are aware with their pricing before you go in pursuit of finding a ride.

The risk of overcharging is naturally the highest when you are searching for the taxi at the spot, either at the designated taxi stops within Split and especially so at the airport. In order to minimize your chances of being scammed, either double-check with your driver the price of the ride before you step in the taxi or insist on having the taxi meter turned on at all times, while also always making sure you are issued a proper bill for the ride. Alternatively, avoid taxi stops all together and make use of the several available taxi mobile apps used locally which guarantee a fair price.


In summer 2021, the beast deals on the market are offered by Uber, Bolt and Cammeo, all of which charge 5 HRK for a start and 5 HRK per each additional kilometre. Recently, both Bolt and Uber have given up on the fixed price of the transfer between the airport and the town, bringing the prices down, depending on the time of the day. When we tested the prices on the route from Marin Držića Street (right outside of the pedestrian zone of the Old Town), in the afternoon of June 24, 2021, Bolt came in the cheapest with a lowly fee of just 166 HRK for a transfer between the Old Town and the airport. Second came Cammeo with its fixed charge of 190 HRK. With Uber coming in third, with a price of 199 HRK.

On March 31 2022, we tested the apps of the leading ridesharing and taxi apps in Split, to see how their prices compare in 2022! With a new increase in prices, the Croatian taxi company Cammeo fell behind Uber and Bolt, after offering one of the best deals on market for several years. Bolt and UberX continue to be shoulder to shoulder regarding the short distance travel. Having both switched the pricing of their airport transfers from fixed fare to distance-traveled fare, one would expect that the prices of their airport transfers would generally remain the same, but our testing suggests otherwise. Not counting any discounts, we tested the two apps for trips between Split Airport and Đardin Park (Park Josipa Jurja Strossmayera), a popular route for travelers staying in and around Split’s Old Town. But while UberX was offering us this ride for 201,00 HRK, Bolt‘s offer was significantly cheaper, clocking in at 174,60 HRK. In the third place comes Cammeo, who is still offering airport transfers at a fixed offer of 220,00 HRK. Though this might be more expensive than Bolt in low-demand times, their fixed pricing might come handy to travelers looking for an airport transfer at particularly high-demand times like the period of the Ultra Festival or early August when Split receives record amounts of tourists and when Uber and Bolt’s demand-based algorithms might pump up their prices.

Taking all into consideration, it seems that in 2022 we have a new king of transfers in town, with the Estonian startup Bolt currently offering the best deals in town!

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Company Start Per kilometer Per minute Minimum price Luggage (per piece) Airport transfer
UberX 5,00 5,00 0,50 20,00 free ~201,00
Uber Comfort 11,00 6,00 0,65 30,00 free ~298,00
Bolt 6,00 5,00 0,50 20,00 free ~174,60
Bolt Comfort 8,50 6,00 0,60 30,00 free ~213,90
Cammeo 7,00 7,00 0,60 18,00 free 220,00
Yellow Taxi 5,00 8,00 / / free  
Radiotaxi 20,00 10,00 / / 3,00 280,00
GoGreen Taxi 9,00 9,00 / 13,00 3,00 230,00
Eko Taxi 20,00* 7,00 / 20,00* free  
  * fixed price which includes first 3 kilometers



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