Travel from Split to Korčula

The most populous of the Dalmatian islands, Korčula is one of the most interesting places in the Adriatic. With its Moreška traditional sword dance and the walled medieval town of Korčula, one of the prettiest little historical towns in Croatia, Korčula is rich in history, untouched nature and some of the most beautiful seascapes in this part of the world.

fast-ferry split korcula
The medieval town of Korčula is thought to be the birthplace of Marco Polo.

Being an island, Korčula is only accessible by boat, as the island has neither bridges or airports to connect it to the coast. Nevertheless, getting to Korčula is hardly a problem, since a number of ferries and fast-ferries departing from the port of Split sail to the island rather regularly, particularly during the busy sailing season in the summer months.

moreska sword dance of korcula
Moreška, a traditional sword dance of the town of Korčula.

Currently, Krilo: Kapetan Luka offers the largest amount of options for, with four daily fast-ferry trips from Split to the town of Korčula. The earlier three trips depart at 7:30, 7:40 and 10:00, each costing 140 HRK for a ticket, while the fourth departure at 17:00 is significantly cheaper, costing 80 HRK per ticket.

The largest Croatian operator Jadrolinija also offers their own line #9811S Split – Bol – Hvar – Korčula – Dubrovnik that is active during the summer months. Their fast-ferry sails once a day, departing at 15:30 and arriving to Korčula at 19:10. Jadrolinija’s ticket is slightly more expensive than Krilo’s, costing 150 HRK per ticket.

Jadrolinija also holds the line #604 Split – Vela Luka – Lastovo that connects Split with the town of Vela Luka, located on the opposite, western side of the island of Korčula. During the summer months there are two ferry departures a day: at 10:15 and at 17:30, each taking 2 hours 45 minutes. The tickets for this line cost 60 HRK for adults and 30 HRK for children aged 3-12. If travelling with a vehicle, you will have to buy an additional 820 HRK ticket for your car (470 HRK if the car is under 5 meters in length).

Jadrolinija also keeps a single daily fast-ferry (vehicle-less) on the same line, which departs from Split at 15:00 and arrives to Vela Luka at 17:20. The ticket prices for the fast ferry are the same as for the regular ferry on the line.

Those looking to take their vehicle over to Korčula island might want to consider a much cheaper option of driving their vehicle from Split to Pelješac peninsula, where a ferry crosses over to the ferry port of Korčula from the coastal port of Orebić. The Orebić – Korčula ferry sails eighteen times a day and the journey takes just 15 minutes (!). The ferry starts its first ride as early as 4 AM and continues sailing between the two ports throughout the day, approximately departing from Orebić every 1-1,5 hour. The simple passenger ticket from Orebić is just 16 HRK for adults and 8 HRK for children aged 3-12. The cost of transporting your car is just 125 HRK (76 HRK if the vehicle is less than 5 meters in length).

korcula tower gate
The walled entrance to the town of Korčula is one of the island’s iconic places.



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