Your Car Got Towed Away? Here’s What You Need To Know

Have you just returned from a four-hour stroll through the Old Town, only to find no trace whatsoever at that curbside where you are left your car? If that’s the case, it is likely that it was towed away by Split Parking’s towing service. In order to avoid this scenario make sure to read our guide to parking in Split, but not before making sure you avoid these common driver mistakes first-comers make in Split.

During the summer months, a staggering 60% of cars towed by the local towing agency belongs to non-residents or rent-a-cars. This is partially caused by the fact that many drivers from abroad tend to ignore signs that forbid all car traffic or parking at certain streets, signs that mark reserved parking spots, signs that mark parking spots for drivers with disabilities and signs  that mark parking spots exclusively for supply vehicles.

In order to minimize your chances of getting towed , double check that there is not a traffic sign that you might be breaking by leaving your car there, as that will most certainly get your car towed in the ring around the Old Town. If you are certain that no such signs exist, double check that you are not blocking the pedestrian traffic in a manner that does not allow free movement of wheelchairs or baby strollers, that your car is not standing on the marked pedestrian crossing and that it is not sticking out and preventing normal traffic flow. If you are unsure about the legality of the parking spot you found, follow the maxim: ‘better safe than sorry’ because, as the statistics show, the towing service will more likely tow your car away if it has foreign or rent-a-car licence plates.

My car got towed, what do I do now?

If you had the unfortunate luck to only find this page after your car already got towed away, the first thing you need to do is call Split Parking’s towing service at this number +385 21 376 848 to make sure your car is really taken to their impounding lot. If it is, you will be instructed to pick it up at the address Pujanke 67A, Split. But not before shelling out anywhere from 750 to 1350 kuna, depending on the severity of your traffic violation (from 300 kuna for a regular violation up to 700 kuna for parking on a spot reserved for drivers with disabilities) and the size of your car (450 kuna for cars under 2 tones and 650 kuna for cars over the weight limit). If you don’t pick up your car within a day, an extra fee of 50 kuna per day for the impound lot holding your vehicle will be applied. There is a silver lining, however, so if you pay the fine within 3 days, it will be reduced by 50%.

The impound lot works around the clock and both cash and credit cards are accepted.

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