The City Museum of Split, the most popular visited museum in town, has just announced that it will close its doors to all visitors from April 11 until the end of the year 2022 due to an extensive renovation project that is expected to begin shortly.

The renovation project, a part of a larger EU-funded project that brought revitalization to several Split’s historical monuments,  will reportedly include a new permanent exhibition on the museum’s ground floor,  refurbishment of the museum’s courtyard and the reception area, addition of an elevator (which will finally make the museum wheelchair-friendly), and, finally a construction of a second, alternative entrance on the northern side of the museum complex.

As only scarce information about the nature of the renovation have been released to the general public, it remains to be seen whether the refurbishment of the museum will affect the current permanent exhibition housed on the upper floors of the museum that was last conceptualized over three decades ago and is in a dire need of a modernizing update.

So, if you are among the unfortunate readers who have been planning a visit to Split’s City Museum in 2022, it seems that you will have to update your Split itineraries, replacing the City Museum with, perhaps, either Archaeological or Ethnographic Museum.




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