Though the coronavirus pandemic has caused the cancellation of the last two Ultra Europe events in 2020 and 2021, it seems that a new Ultra event will finally come to fruition after a two-year hiatus in the summer of 2022. Notwithstanding Covid-19 numbers in Croatia, which seem to be breaking records left and right, there is optimism both in the general population and among the decision makers that there will be no further restrictions imposed upon businesses and populace in the coming months.

The management of Ultra Europe faced harsh criticism last year for their refusal to communicate clearly with their fans and the media after prolonging their expected cancellation decision for months and only really yielding in late June, just weeks before the festival, and almost a full month after the rumors of the festival’s inevitable cancellation leaked to the local press.

After not posting on their socials for more than a year, the team behind Ultra Europe finally reengaged with their fans on November 2021, maintaining a steady online presence ever since. 

After selling out their Tier 1 tickets, Ultra Europe has announced a Phase 1 lineup full of heavy hitters on December 17, which features bangers like Martin Garrix, Armin van Buuren, Afrojack and Tiesto.

Tier 2 tickets are on sale now at

The festival is scheduled to take place on July 8 through 10 2022 at the Park mladeži stadium.





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