St Jerome’s Church (Sveti Jere)

The Marjan Hermitage.

The church of St Jerome is a small fifteenth century church that stands on the southern slopes of the Marjan Hill, overlooking the idyllic Kašjuni Bay of Split. The church is equipped with a wonderful Renaissance altar fashioned by the great Albanian Dalmatian sculptor Andrija Aleši (Andrea Alessi) in the year 1480. It features reliefs of St Jerome, St Anthony, St John the Baptism as well as the scene of the Pietà in its tympanum. 

The church is a part of a small enclosed complex that is thought to have been used by occasional hermits who dwelled, from time to time, in the wilderness of Marjan Hill. Together with the church, the complex features the so-called hermit’s house, whose singular facade wall encloses a natural cave thereby creating a sort of hybrid between a cave-dwelling and a traditional Dalmatian house. At the center of the complex is the water tank with the stone well on top of it, surrounded by stone benches.

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