Will Ultra Europe 2021 Happen?

After having cancelled the 2020 event back in May due to the Covid-19 pandemics, the organizers of Ultra Europe had not been very vocal about what we can expect for 2021. And while their official facebook page has been posting regularly in the summer 2020, nothing has been communicated with their followers since.

Since its inception and subsequent debut in July 2013, Ultra Europe has held a pivotal role in the development of Split’s tourism that has seen a transformation and significant increase in quality of its accommodation and services offerings. Many still remember the ‘gold rush’ aspects of tourist-oriented businesses which sprung up following the success of the inaugural festival that had caused such a demand for basic amenities such as accommodation and store goods that prices throughout the city had nearly doubled for the duration of the festival. Since then, the city’s tourist industry has grown out of its humble beginnings and the festival-induced spike in prices had in recent years become increasingly negligible.

In 2017 Ultra Europe extended its contract with the local government that was to keep their brand in Split for at least until 2022.

Whether the festival will take place in 2021 is doubtful. Though the organizers had set the dates for 9-11 July 2021, no lineup has been announced and the option to purchase tickets seems to be unavailable on the official website. As it is becoming increasingly likely that Ultra brand’s flagship event in Miami set to take place in March is going to be cancelled, doubts remain whether the event in Split, scheduled for July, will be able to take place in light of the pandemic.

Those who had already purchased tickets for Ultra Europe 2020, had since its cancellation been offered a choice to exchange them for Ultra Europe 2021 or Ultra Europe 2022 together with an extra spending bonus of 20 euros. Though full refunds were initially promised, Ultra Europe’s social media posts are filled with customers complaining that their refunds had still not been issued.

With Ultra Europe being the main summer event in Split, we can only hope that the company fights through this turbulent period.



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