Bars, Restaraunts and Gyms to Remain Closed Statewide

Croatian Minister of the Internal Affairs, Davor Božinović, has announced the extension of the currently active epidemiological measures, which will see bars, restaurants and gyms remain closed until January 31 at the earliest. The shops, however, will remain open, albeit they will still have to close at 10 PM at the latest.

As January and February are the two months with lowest commercial activity, the extension of the lockdown will serve to reduce the pressure on hospitals and medical workers as the country continues the vaccination of the population at large. So far 24.985 people had been vaccinated since December 27.

The active lockdown measures, which had been put into effect on November 27, had steadily seen Croatia reduce its rates of infection from 4080 new daily cases on Nov 27, to around a thousand a day in the recent week. The 14-day rate of the infected per 100.000 population which is currently as 351,8 puts Croatia as 14th out of the 27 EU countries–a significant improvement over the pre-lockdown period when Croatia fell to the 26th place.

Currently, Croatia has 5794 active cases, with 18.277 persons having to self-quarantine. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, 1.061.953 have been tested, of which 217.946 had been infected. Currently 4304 persons have been reported to have died due to the virus.



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