Šug Restaurant

The finest Dalmatian cuisine.

One of the highest rated restaurants in town, Šug have been successful in drawing both local and international guests. Hidden away in Tolstojeva Street, off the usual tourist pathways, Šug’s simple, modern interior and comfortable outdoor terrace emanating a certain homey atmosphere that goes hand-in-hand with their tactfully balanced menu. Šug is particularly known for their ‘marenda’ – the Dalmatian cognate for the ‘dish of the day’ whose etymological roots go all the way back to Antiquity: from ancient Latin merenda with the meaning of ‘an afternoon luncheon’ (it too deriving from lat. mereo, ‘to earn, to deserve’). The creativity of daily-changing marende (plural!) is balanced by the fixed part of the menu showcasing many of the authentic classics of the Dalmatian cuisine.

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Ulica Tolstojeva 1
Split 21000 Splitsko-dalmatinska županija HR
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Working Hours Monday - Saturday: 08:00 – 00:00 Closed on Sundays. Click HERE to view the menu. Find Šug on Facebook Google Reviews Instagram Tripadvisor